New release on Coquette Records!

Coquette is ready to present a new collaboration with a new young talent, Empat. With a little help from Plusculaar and from our boy Chaz Bezli, the release promise to be a good summer vibe.

The release will be available on vinyl only for first 2 months, than digital worldwide. After 2 months you still be able to order the release on vinyl from our website.


After such a long time of dreaming, our studio doesn't have any more free space after finally got our own vinyl cutter.​ 

It's about the legendary Vinyl Recorder, handmade by well known Sound Engineer Souri.

Coquette Records Media Group was founded in 2010 in Bucharest by Nicholas Deca. From 2013 the label moved to London when here established the label as a group, including the other 2 labels Essenza Records and Retoric Vibe and a new one based on vinyl only, Coquette VS alongside Coquette Records as a main record label.

Coquette Records sign a new very talented artist, Ricardo Liculese. His Venusian Stories is now available as a digital format exclusive on Beatport worldwide.

New releases on Coquette VS and Coquette Records!

Coquette VS present the very first vinyl release made by Kaitaro and Cesar Martinez. The release will be available for preorder from 21.08.2017 and the official release date is going to be on 11th of September 2017 exclusive on our shop.


Because we all love the summer, we prepared a special offer for July. 

We made a special price for vinyls, only £16 with mastering included, white paper sleeve and

black & white labels


        Coquette Media Group